Pop Up Tent

This pop-up tent helped my 14 year old self enjoy going on camping trips with my family. It’s a single-person tent that’s super easy to store and use. It folds up almost flat for easy storage. When you want to use it, you just unhook the straps, and it “pops” to full size.

Older kids and teens always want privacy, and this is great for that reason. It’s small enough that it can be used next to a large family tent at a campsite.

I used this tent to camp out in my backyard and also at camp sites all across the country. It was a nice way to get some time alone and I enjoyed the peace and quiet… Although once I got scared by creepy crawly sounds outside!

A good “toy” for kids who are too old for toys. Good idea for any tomboy who likes outdoor adventures, or is part of a family who goes on camping trips.