4M Crystal Mining Kit

Is your tomboy a budding rockhound? Does she like to explore her backyard?

Here’s a great gift idea for a young girl who likes to dig! This is a unique science kit for children ages 5-12. It’s like a mineral collection, but the minerals are hidden in a plastic rock that you have to chip away at. There’s 8 gemstones hidden inside, all different types, and it comes with a magnification glass to help with identification.

This toy has so many positive reviews. It’s a treasure hunt that seems to hold the attention of lots of kids. So many parents took the time to write about their kids’ excitement. It even appealed to kids who were usually impatient or had ADHD. If you’re looking for a cheap and educational rainy day gift, give this a try and you might be surprised. Just one word of caution: wear safety goggles.