About Me

I’ve always been a tomboy. While other girls liked to wear make-up and dresses, I wore jeans as many days as possible. Other girls liked barbie dolls, while I liked science kits and spy toys.

When I turned 12, I got a boys colored blanket for my bed, and I didn’t want anything to do with the color pink. For awhile, I wanted to be a boy. But then I learned about what a “tomboy” was, and I was happy to call myself that even though I never conquered climbing trees.

I grew up in a house in the woods, right next to a large pond. Here’s a photo of it in the wintertime:

winter pond

I had a lot of energy and spent much of my time exploring the woods. I loved watching birds with my three cats:

my cats watching birds

My parents hung out real suet for the woodpeckers and kept the bird feeder full in the Winter. While many things have changed about who I am, I still love watching birds… Maybe you figured that out from my photos on this site! That’s a Dark Eyed Junco at the top of every page. The juncos are so friendly here that I often find them on my porch. I thought that they looked and acted like a tomboy enough to make one my avatar. Plus, I’ve always been a private person, so even though you’d probably love to see a photo of me, that’s not happening yet. But believe me, I am a real live (now grown-up) tomboy who loves science, nature, computer programming, and photography.

My cat kept me company when I went out into the woods to watch animals, play imaginary games, or to read. I once lost a Nancy Drew book that I had borrowed from the library. Months later, after paying the library fines, I found the book outside, water damaged from months of rain.

my cat

I loved to swim and take out the row boat on my pond. For awhile, we even had a canoe. Here’s a photo of my friend and I canoeing one summer afternoon:


Since I have so many fond memories of doing boy things, and generally enjoying a wild outdoorsy life, I thought I’d put together a site to share my thoughts about what other tomboys like me really want for their birthday or Christmas. I’ve found that I have a talent for picking out gifts that people love and it’s my hope that I will help you find the perfect present for a younger version of myself 🙂