An Easel and Painting Supplies for a Tomboy Artist

Royal Watercolor Painting Easel Artist Set

Does she love drawing and painting? An easel is a great idea for any girl who wants to be an artist one day.

There are many types of easels you can buy, including adjustable height ones for toddlers through school age, to adult ones for older kids and teenagers. When choosing an easel, consider the available space in her house, as well as how tall she is so that you get one that’s the right size for her. If space is an issue, you may consider buying a table top easel. I like this watercolor kit because it includes everything a beginner painter might need: an easel, brushes, paper, palette, and tubes of watercolor paints.

However, if you think she would like to paint outdoor scenes, then you probably want to get a stand up easel that can handle uneven ground, like the Pro Art French Box Easel.

For young kids, try an indoor easel that also has a chalkboard and dry erase board. That way they can enjoy it even if you run out of paper. Two kids can use it at a time, and this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel has three adjustable heights and adjustable trays for holding paint and supplies. The chalkboard is great for playing teacher too. My sister and I loved to “teach” our dolls…. although being a tomboy, they were really all her dolls. Tomboys don’t play with dolls! I preferred to teach her but that didn’t work out as well 🙂