BePuzzled Hanayama Cast Metal Brainteaser Puzzles

Have you seen any of these metal puzzles before? Somewhere I came across a few, and trying to disentangle two metal objects was sure a memorable experience.

For adults and children, this is a fun toy that doesn’t break the bank. As kids get older, it can become harder to find an affordable, high-quality gift that they’ll truly enjoy. While today’s teens love tech gadgets, they often come at a steep price.

Here’s something that they can spend hours playing with and challenging their friends with. This particular one takes somewhere between 12-25 steps to solve, and if you put it together backwards, it’s a whole new puzzle!

The real challenge here for you is to figure out which one(s) to buy. They do have reviews and levels, but no age suggestions. I selected the one with the most reviews… maybe you have a better sorting method?