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La Crosse Technology WS-9611U-IT Wireless Sun/Moon Forecast Station with Oscar Outlook

I am getting excited reading the description of this weather station! I never had an “Oscar” weather station when I was a kid. (Oscar is the name of the boy who dresses each day to show you what to wear.) BUT, my parents always had a thermometer outside the window, and I became interested in weather at a very young age.

I remember that in elementary school (maybe first grade?) we had to keep a weather journal for awhile and that involved watching the forecast on TV every morning. Later, I kept a weather diary for myself and in addition to keeping track of the weather, I wrote about the first signs of Spring and about hurricanes hitting Florida, where my grandparents lived.

Well, let’s go back to talking about this Oscar weather station.. It’s pretty full-featured. It has a forecast prediction based on barometer readings, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, and indoor and outdoor temperatures. Now, like most weather stations that use barometer readings for prediction, it will not be right all of the time but this can be a fun topic of conversation. You can teach her to look outside at the clouds and try to figure out if Oscar is correct about the day’s weather. This is definitely an educational gift idea that would be perfect for kindergartners and older.

Toy Catapult Wooden Building Kit

I remember learning about the catapult in social studies class, and at that young age, it was quite fascinating that you could bend a plastic spoon to fling something across the room, and that this was similar to a war machine of long ago.

They didn’t have the plastic we have today, so medieval catapults were usually made out of wood. Here’s a wooden kit that makes building a functional catapult a lot of fun. If you want something super cool and educational for your older child or teenager, look no further. It’s not common that you find an educational toy that combines both history and science.