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Radica 20Q Artificial Intelligence Game

I played with an earlier version of this game, before giving it away as a birthday gift for my niece, and almost couldn’t part with it.

It’s a simple game. You think of something. It tries to guess what you’re thinking by asking questions. The astounding thing is just how well it’s able to guess correctly. You can think of an animal or an object or just about anything, and usually it’ll read your mind in 20 questions. You may have played the game before with friends, but having a machine to beat (or more likely, lose to) is even more fun.

This is a good car toy. It’s small and fun for all ages. For younger kids, it’s a learning experience as they will have to answer questions about what they picked out. It encourages abstract thinking and might even pique their interest in computer science.

Simon Game

Did you have the Simon memory game when you were a child? This classic toy, originally launched in 1978, is back again, and this time updated with modern tech. The buttons are actually touch sensitive screens now. Improvements also include a screen that shows high scores, current round number, and animations.

Play by yourself, or with others in “party mode.” It’s addictive and awesome.

Perfect gift, because it’s fun and batteries are included!

Clue Board Game

Was it Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the wrench?

Board games like Clue provides for hours of family fun on rainy days. Clue was my favorite game, as I also read Nancy Drew mysteries, watched Colombo, and dreamed of becoming a detective. Solving a mystery is a fun tomboy thing – it means investigations, explorations, and doing daring things to uncover the real truth.

This clue board game will keep her our of harm’s way as she tries to be the first player to solve the mystery. The crime is in one’s imagination, but the challenge quite real.