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Pop Up Tent

This pop-up tent helped my 14 year old self enjoy going on camping trips with my family. It’s a single-person tent that’s super easy to store and use. It folds up almost flat for easy storage. When you want to use it, you just unhook the straps, and it “pops” to full size.

Older kids and teens always want privacy, and this is great for that reason. It’s small enough that it can be used next to a large family tent at a campsite.

I used this tent to camp out in my backyard and also at camp sites all across the country. It was a nice way to get some time alone and I enjoyed the peace and quiet… Although once I got scared by creepy crawly sounds outside!

A good “toy” for kids who are too old for toys. Good idea for any tomboy who likes outdoor adventures, or is part of a family who goes on camping trips.

All I wanted for Christmas was a SuperSoaker..!

My neighbor had one of these and boy did I want one that summer! I had those little tiny dollar store water guns, and they were a joke in comparison.

I’m glad to see that over 20 years later, they’re still making them. This one is designed to soak your target
with lots of water. It will reach distances up to 25 feet away!

If you have an animal problem, like a wild animal eating your garden, or squirrels at your bird feeder, the customer reviews indicate this might be the right ‘toy’ for you as well. As an adult who loves to compete in outside games, I wish I had a flock of turkeys attacking my garden, so that I could buy one of these today.

Spy Goggles with Night Vision

For the tomboy who loves to run around outside, looking for enemies, bigfoot, or just the neighborhood cat, this is a fun toy that has working night vision. I’m sure it’s far from military grade, but it apparently actually does work.

I would love to go outside at night and see if there are any birds nesting in the bushes, and I can imagine my younger self playing spying games with my sister with this. This would make night time hide and seek a whole new game!

You can even put a micro SD card in these goggles and make recordings. It’s all around a pretty cool toy!

Bug Catcher Net and Tools

Grasshoppers, butterflies, crickets, lightning bugs, oh my!

Little kids are often fascinated with bugs. Here’s a set of tools that are perfect for the adventuresome girl who’s interesting in looking at insects up close. This set comes with a wrist compass, examination tank with magnifier, and bug transfer tweezers.

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, there’s always a bug to catch and examine. From the cute ladybug to the scary spider, kids are always interested in creepy crawlers and this kit will please the young tomboy.

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Have you seen a stomp rocket? It’s a foam rocket that can go high into the air when you stomp on the launching pad. It’s powered by compressed air. No batteries or fuels required. The harder you can stomp, the farther it will fly. You can try different launching angles and even get some glow in the dark rockets for it. Rockets are reusable, but if you loose one up in a tree or on a rooftop, you can always buy more.

Reviews indicate that kids of all ages love this.

Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife

Do you remember your first pocket knife? You might if you were a tomboy like me. I think I was 12 or 13 years old. My Mom said that my Dad could buy me one as long as it had a lock on it so that it wouldn’t close on my hand. Dad and I went to the local hardware store and we had a great time picking it out. All summer I proudly carried it around with me, tried carving a bit of wood, and basically just admired it.

A first knife is a special gift, and one that definitely needs the parent’s consent for. Owning a real knife requires a certain level of maturity and only the parents will know when the child or teenager is ready. However, if you are looking for a gift for a young tomboy, perhaps a toddler, preschooler, or kindergartner, you could consider this plastic toy Swiss Army Knife. It has a plastic spoon and other tools. The reviews from parents and grandparents are glowing. Apparently, this is just right for a small kid who’s way too young to have a real knife.

Kite – Large Easy Flyer – Sparky Dog (46″ X 90″)

A kite is a fun idea! This kite has great reviews, mainly because it’s an “easy flyer” which means it’s very easy to fly! Assembly is fast, and it will fly high and long in any steady breeze. This is truely an “all ages” gift idea that the whole family will enjoy. The best places to fly a kite are at the beach or a large open park.

Snow Block Maker – Make Igloos and Forts!

This funny looking thing makes exactly one snow cube. A snow cube can be used for making igloos, forts, and snow castles. How cool is that?

If you do buy this, don’t just buy one. I’d recommend at least 3. That way she can have friends help her and the building will go much faster. And she may also enlist a parent to two to make snow bricks!

Luge Style Snow Sled

This sled is different from the sleds I’ve used. I’ve been reading the reviews and thinking about buying it for my 5 year old nephew. He lives in an area that gets a TON of snow!

This sled is different because your legs hang off the front of it. It has a joystick like handle that you hold on to. It’s designed to go very fast down hills with packed snow. You can steer with your hands and feet. The fact that your legs hang off makes a lot of sense because on a traditional sled, I always find myself purposefully sticking my leg off of it to stop or steer, so this design may be an improvement. I’ve watched the videos and I’ve got to say that the tomboy in me wants to try it!

Razor Scooter: A Kickin’ Gift Idea

I would have been thrilled to get this under the Christmas tree as a kid. Later, when I was in college, I did buy one of these for myself. You’re probably familiar with a scooter, right? It’s sort of like a skateboard with handles. This one is for ages 5+, but some reviews comment that kids as young as 3 enjoy it, so this may be a gift for anyone 3 to 100! The limitations are a weight of 143 pounds and the handlebar height goes to 33 inches.

It folds up and weighs a mere 6 pounds, so you can easily put it into a backpack. And, it’s a good fit for under the Christmas tree as well!

All in all, this is a great gift idea for tomboys who live in an area that has sidewalks or low traffic streets.