“Daddy’s Little Tomboy” T-Shirts


Daddy's Little Tomboy Shirt for Girls

Toddler and Kid Sizes Available

This is a great gift for your daughter!   If you are a father looking for a Christmas or birthday gift idea, this is something she may treasure!  Of course this could be bought by Mom or any other friend/relative… The important part is that you’re buying this for a girl who adores her Dad!  I know that I always wanted to be Daddy’s girl and I would tag along when he was fixing things or working on projects.  Click here for toddler and kids shirts.

If you are buying for an older child or teenager, you may be interested in these similar designs available in adult sizes:

Daddy's Little Tomboy T-Shirt

A great daughter gift idea!

Daddy's Little Tomboy Adult Woman's Shirt

This cute t-shirt is available in Junior and Adult sizes.