Nebula Plasma Ball (Thunderball) Light

Rhode Island Novelty Thunder Ball, 8" Diameter
Here’s a cool gift idea for a kid who’s grown out of the “toys” stage. I say that as I think about myself in my early teen years. I used to visit a science store in the mall that had a plasma ball. It was really nifty and quite expensive. You touch it and the bolts of light inside move to your hand. It looks like lightning! You can even feel the energy inside and play with it.

It was mesmerizing! Amazon also has a “thunder ball” which is similar but has a mode that responds to loud sounds.

I’ve been reading the reviews on these, and it’s a paradox. The positive reviews gush with praise. The negative reviews are negative because it breaks. So it is a bit risky, but I don’t know where you can buy one that’s guaranteed to have a long lifespan. But nonetheless this “retro” science plasma light globe thing is so cool that I’d be amiss not to recommend it as something that just may delight the whole family.